Irish Side of the Moon 03

Patricia McKenna, on the Lisbon Treaty

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Patricia McKenna was a prominent member of the Irish Green Party since the mid 80’s. She left the party in 2009, because of the party’s failure to pursue specific policies in Government. She was elected to the European Parliament in 1994. She became the party’s first Member of the European Parliament and held the seat for the party for ten years until the 2004 elections, when she lost her seat to Sinn Fein.

She is Chairperson of the People’s Movement, a non-party citizens movement campaigning for democracy and transparency in the EU.

She is perhaps best-known for her victory over the Irish Government in the Irish Supreme Court in 1995. As a result of the Supreme Court ruling the Referendum Commission was set up.

Patricia is also well-known for her campaigns against the nuclear industry. She has been one of Ireland’s most prominent figures during the referendum campaigns on the Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon EU treaties.

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