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David Blume, author of "Alcohol Can Be A Gas!"

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David Blume is an American permaculture teacher and entrepreneur. He has been an especially prolific public speaker, and is a vocal advocate for production of ethanol fuel, especially at local, small and medium scales.

Blume taught his first ecology class in 1970. He majored in Ecological Biology and Biosystematics at San Francisco State University, and worked on experimental projects for NASA.

He has consulted for a wide array of clients, including governments, farmers, and companies interested in turning waste into valuable and ­profitable products.

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  1. Greeting from the state of Wisconsin in America. I just listened to your interview of Mr. Blume regarding Alcohol as a fuel. Thank you for giving him the time to discuss his vision.

    I hope you can be encouraged by my experience with ethanol. For the past year I have used E85 fuel (85% ethanol) in my 1999 Nissan truck. It is not a specially designed flex-fuel vehicle, but it is a stock fuel-injected engine. I blend it right in the tank usually about half and half with regular gasoline and sometimes up to nearly pure E85. The fuel injection system is smart enough to make adjustments with each fuel fill up. I have found the fuel efficiency drops about one mile per gallon of fuel, but the lower cost of alcohol at the pump negates the mileage efficiency decline. The engine runs fine, and I think the engine enjoys the ooomph of the extra horsepower from alcohol too.

    We have many stations that provide ethanol right alongside the gasoline, so fuel is easy to acquire in my part of the several united States. I can appreciate your difficulty in finding it outside of Dublin.

    Best wishes.



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