Irish Side of the Moon 14

On August 15th, we (at The Irish Side Of The Moon) got a chance to attend a conference held by Tir Na Saor - Freemen of Ireland.

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Tír na Saor aims to provide information to those wishing to empower themselves with the knowledge necessary to stand up for and exercise their ancient rights.

We aim to educate ourselves and others on the true nature and purpose of Law; how it applies to you and how to go about taking your life back.

We also recognise the importance of healthy and sustainable living, growing of food, permaculture, free and renewable energy, community spirit and spiritual growth.

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  1. Love the interviews with David, but felt the interviewer to be very insincere and did not really 'buy' or understand what David was saying. It's really simple, just open your eyes and mind people. The background music/noise was very distracting, please remove as we can't hear the conversations with David.


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