Irish Side of the Moon 23

Daniel J. Benor on Healing

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Daniel J. Benor is an American physician and psychiatrist residing in Canada, now practicing as a wholistic psychotherapist, teacher and author on many aspects of wholistic self-healing self-healing, editor-in-chief of the peer reviewed, open access International Journal of Healing and Caring, motivational speaker and consultant for wholistic healing research.

Benor has always practiced psychotherapy, including wholistic approaches, starting in the days when psychiatry was mostly psychotherapy.

Wholistic Healing Research


  1. Hi Gabriel, I really like the shows, thanks for putting them out, but I feel that I must mention the volume of your intro/outro fx/music as being scarily loud when compared to the volume of the interview chat! Maybe you could balance the levels so they're more user-friendly?

    Regards from the UK, John.

  2. Noted.

    Good point, and we'll address it when the show returns for 'Season Three'


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