Show guest, Keith Roberts
My Bio: I was born in Marin County in Northern California in 1959. I studied music and electronics in college and played in jazz rock fusion bands fora couple of decades and built effects pedals and built and repairedelectronics equipment. In 1994 I went to a large Tesla symposium andbecame very interested in free energy and healing technologies.
My dayjob for over 20 years has been with radio freakquency equipment and I am so sensitive , I can feel the radiations of various devices as to howpositive or harmful they are.
I have built a lot of different healingdevices including Hulda Clerk's zapper, Tesla's violet ray, Dinshaw'sspectrochrome lights, and Sonny Ward's foot pad Lachovsky wave electronenergizer which I helped the inventor with some of the engineering.
I've met and chatted with various luminaries some at great length. Hereis the short list. David Icke, Micheal Tsarion, Dr. Rogar Leir, Dr. LenHorowitz, John Searl, Budd Hopkins, Jordan Maxwell, astronaut BrianO'Leary, John Lear, Richard C. Hoagalund, Dean Haglund, Denice Crosby (daughter of Bing) Cathy and Mark O'Brien, Tom Van Flanders, StevenBassett, Victoria Jack, Brian Williams, and so many more. I also saw theBeatles live.

Healing effects: I personally have had dramatic healing effects with these devices. Lastfall I severely sprained my calf lifting something very heavy. I was inso much pain I could barely get out of bed to go to the bathroom for aweek. Then I remembered I had a violet ray which is a close and lesssophisticated cousin to the Multiwave Oscillator. The pain lessened as I used it within 24 hours the improvement was dramatic. After a week ofusing it 2 to 3 times a day I didn't need a cane and the pain was all butgone. If you've ever had a severe sprain you'll understand my astonishment. The multiwave and violet ray are also very effective in myexperience for infection. Cold or flu, cuts bruises, even brocken bones. I broke my wrist and my dockter was amased when I took my cast off a weekearly and had full recovery when he said my wrist would never be the same. But I wanted to play guitar and knew I could fully heal.

Illness and injury: All illness and injury are a message. This is not something most want to hear. We want to blame someone or thing and not take responsibilityfor our own self and cocreatted malady. Any healing has to address oursoul path, mental and most importantly emotional programming from thislife and past life's. Yes there is chance. Would you want it any otherway. We have free will! We are incredible generators of any reality wewant to experience. You and I are beautiful spiritual beings of unlimited creative potential.

How these devices work: Our bodies are electro chemicle in nature. We have AC and DC currents sending signals and controlling our autonominous and cellular functions.Reality can be described as vibration at nodal points of of godconsciousness. The Multiwave is designed to give each cell the energy itneeds to be in perfect health.

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