Blind Obedience

Over the last 3 seasons of shows we have covered many topics. All of them offer a different insight into peoples understanding of the world around them, and how they try and make sense of well the senseless.

A common message that these guests carry is the world and more specifically the systems that have been set in place are not what they seem, indeed many of these systems and institutes may have a more sinister agenda. For me part of this realization comes about from the fact that I find it hard to take onboard opinions that challenge my comfortable global view of life. I mean as an apparently free thinking member of society who is suppose to have free will I ask myself why do I find it so had to listen to views that challenge the so called “established order” that has been set in place. That i automatically judge, condemn and dismiss alternative views without a second though, that dare I say it I have been conditioned to react this way.

With some contemplation I accept that I have been conditioned and I ask whose best interests is served by this? Is it the systems and institutes that have left me this way? Or do they have my best interests at heart? For me personally I believe that the “system (s)” benefit from the mechanical man they have created. The sub servant robot who doesn’t question, but blindly accepts certain realities put forward by a so called enlightened few.

In closing some questions I am asking myself as I write this is:

Do you feel that there is an illusion of freedom? That we are sold the notion we are free, yet this freedom can only be expressed inside an every increasing set of conditions laid down in systems that I’m opted into at birth by default, which controls the many and is administrated by the few?

When expressing opinions how much of the expression is mines? And how much of what I am expressing is a conditioned response that has been reinforced through all aspects of society be it education, religion political etc?

I welcome any views of you own.

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