Greek debt crisis: Euro leaders call emergency summit to avert meltdown

30 Billion, 45 billion now maybe 120 billion at what point do we say enough is enough? Look beyond the figures no matter how obscene they maybe to ask 1) what is money? 2) How is it created and by whom? 3) Why does nearly every nation on the planet have a national debt and to whom? 4) If the current system works and excluding the sheer corruption of the vested interests that have caused on a superficial level this current crash, then why can we never reach a position in this system were you have no debt? Cause if you did you'd have no money in circulation. My point is unless we change this deliberately faulty system this and all future generations, like all past generations for decades will continue to play our part in a two tier society were the wealth and natural resources on this planet are being transferred into the hands of fewer and fewer people. Fact the riches 10% of the world’s population owns 85% of the world’s household incomes.

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