Credit Rating Agencies

With the recent financial crisis people are becoming more aware of “Credit Rating Agencies”. Here is another example of another crazy system for people and companies making money out of money that is created out of fresh air to start with.

These agencies get there money from there clients by predicting the likely hood of there clients getting paid. Now as we know these so called investments companies can make money from stocks or share prices going down as easy as going up. You know short selling. So think of it like this; the film critic gets his wage from the maker of the film that he is reviewing.

Here is another industry making vast fortunes while offering nothing useful to mankind. And it really is that simple go check out there websites, check out all the pages of bullshit and self importance and the great services that they offer. Complex terminology attempting to create a persona of worldly knowledge that the average human being could never understand, but equally could never do without.

Open your eyes to the following here is another vested interested industry working along side a financial system that through years of deceit has gotten the power that can bring sovereign nations to bankruptcy. Greece’s situation got considerable worse as these rating agencies dropped the Greek status to “Junk” which they could do tomorrow for Ireland, Spain etc.

Expect the following as Greece gets its bailout; the EU will be looking to enforce tighter control over individual nations spending. More and more power is shifting to the centre. And as always its done for our own best interest.

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