Irish Side of the Moon 47

Marc Seifer, author of Mr.Rhode Island: A Harrowing Courtroom Thriller

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Marc Seifer has written textbooks and novels in the fields of graphology, psychology, the physics of consciousness, the history of Germany and on the inventor Nikola Tesla. With over 70 publications, he is internationally recognized as an expert on the inventor Nikola Tesla.

Seifer’s graphology text, The Definitive Book of Handwriting Analysis, has been used as a textbook for the course Forensic Graphology at Roger Williams University. Seifer has appeared on the History Channel for his study of the Howard Hughes "Mormon Will" and on AP International and WPRI-TV on the handwriting of Osama bin Laden. His most important personal case involved the extradition hearing of Stephen Rosati, a Rhode Island man wanted for a murder in Florida and facing possible execution there.

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