Corrupt banking system beginning to crash

Bullsh*t it’s the corrupt banking system that is falling apart. The only co-operation that has been in place is that the general masses work subserviently the majority of their life so an elite few can gain many multiple times over. Let’s not forget that some 85% of the world’s wealth is owned by just 10% of the adult population. Let’s be clear on this, the only solution to the current boom / burst cycles is take the money creation & control out of the hands of private banks, who’s sole purpose is profit and put it back in the control of the “people” where it belongs and were it works to the benefit of all equally.

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  1. Let the Irish Pillar Banks as Noonan names them
    fail. Then claw back monies from the Banksters and set up a full blown public Banking inquiry free to view on RTE which is paid for by the taxpayer anyway.

    Irish Politicians are still corrupt. What are new government doing about it. Go back to the classroom where you belong Kenny and stop lecturing private business and what they should pay themselves. Thats the problem in Ireland. Goats like Enda Kenny havent a clue about how to run a business nevermind a bankrupt country. Enda Kenny needs to continually take more off his own salary and his friends high up in Public Service. Time to benchmark backwards for the next 10 years Enda, you Goat.


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