A Fable

You and your friends live in a lovely, big house together, and it's great fun.
However, about a mile from this house a river bursts it's banks and pretty soon your dream house is in a flood plain.
You and your friends can sit in a water-logged kitchen and debate/argue over who was supposed to lock the back door, and over what kind of door would be best suited to keeping water out, and over whether you need to buy sandbags instead.
But, you know what?
That's a bit like blaming your country's politicans for the global financial crisis.
Fact is: there's a bigger picture. And, though many will not like to face up to it, you're going to have head to the river and look at the real problem. It also might be good to know who owns the river and what their motives might be, in all this.
Trust me, my friends, the answer lies somewhere at the banks...

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