The Final Meltdown: The End of a Once Great Nation

The Final Meltdown: The End of a Once Great Nation

What the media isn't telling you!

7.00pm - Thursday 4th November 2010
Inishowen Gateway Hotel

Jim Corr & Ian R Crane take a look at who stands to gain from
bringing about the collapse of National economies
... and the prognosis for events still unfolding.

The Celtic Tiger Catastrophe by numbers:

60 Billion Euros - Amount Ireland owes to European Central Bank

33 Billion Euros - Loss to Irish Taxpayers on Anglo Irish Collapse

38,000 Euros - Cost of Bank Bail-out to every Irish Household

By 2012 the Irish debt is forecast to exceed annual GDP.

4.7 million people live in the Republic of Ireland

10,000 people joining the ranks of the unemployment in Ireland

65% Fall in commercial property prices since the EU Treaty 'Yes' Vote

What is really going on
... is this the end of the Irish Nation?

If the Central Bankers Succeed ... Eire will cease to exist!

Check out the website!
Listen to an mp3 of their interview on local radio in Donegal.

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