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Matthew Dentith, on Conspiracy Theories

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Matthew Dentith, awarded The James Randi Educational Foundation Critical Thinking Scholarship in 2007, is currently finishing his PhD dissertation concerning the epistemology of Conspiracy Theories.

He currently has a slot on 95bFM in New Zealand. A podcast can be downloaded every Thursday.

Selected Seminars:
  • The Slippery Slope of Conspiracy Theories
  • Presenting the Conspirators of the Conspiracy (Theory)
  • Have Your Heard: Rumours and Conspiracy Theories
  • Conspiracies Then, Now and Tomorrow: How Do Past Instances Affect the Likelihood of Similar Events Now?



    1. wow, using critical thinking in order to debunk critical thinking......the circle of madness is complete

    2. Ph.D. in what ? Appeal to authority - I suggest he has a very limited understanding of the 'Trivium', if any. I have spend about 20 minutes on his website and found just about every principle of the Trivium applied in order to influence the reader in his thinking. David Icke, one of the many targets on his website is being ridiculed constantly....something Icke would be used to however. As a student of Phylosophy the Gentleman should know better.....and maybe think about one of Aristotle's teachings. " An educated man simply describes a man who can look in to any subject without having to embrace it.
      Amen...Max ( New Zealand )


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