Our interview with John Chambers, where we discuss the unknown sides to some of history’s greatest men and women. How and when did the spiritual realm inspire these people who were sometimes afraid to speak of this aspect of their lives, an aspect that may have accounted for the greatest part of their genius?

The ability of these greats to have such profound experiences and to not draw hasty conclusions about them speaks volumes in and of itself.

"Rare and penetrating glimpses into the paranormal dimension of the creative lives of 24 famous artists, scientists, and politicians. From Benvenuto Cellini to Churchill and Carl Jung, this book offers fresh perspectives on the achievements of greatness. Written with grace, wit, and quiet erudition—heartily recommended." - Michael Grosso, Ph.D, author, Soulmaker, The Millennium Myth.

Johns’ website
You can purchase John's book here.

We acknowledge that there are some audio issues with this interview. We are sorry in advance if this in anyway lessens your enjoyment of the show.

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