IRISH SIDE OF THE MOON SHOW 101 - Dr. Hank Wesselman

Dr. Hank Wesselman is a research paleoanthropologist and a Shamanic Practitioner. Hank has practiced the shamanic way for 28 years.

In our interview, Hank explains "what is shamanism", "how it can help in an individual's life" and how to recognize a genuine shamanic teacher. Hank Talks about family lineage and how it can clue you in about some of the seemingly random things that happen in your life, not being that random after all.

In the show Hank brings us through the difference between faith, belief and direct knowledge from a shamanic perspective.

Shamanism in one form or another has been around for countless millennia, and Hank explains how well established knowledge and protocol within shamanic tradition has been borrowed and twisted to fabricate some of the dogma of religions, with the religions using the knowledge to enslave or deceive people.

Let the conversation sit with you and of course, come to your own decisions, keep an open mind always, that way new information can enter.

Larry Dossey MD has described Hank Wesselman as an expert guide who fully realizes that he is playing with scientific and spiritual dynamite

Check Hank's website out.

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