Powerful interests have long prevented the big changes we all need in energy sources, but Breakthrough Power opens the doors on game-changing non-polluting inventions. Innovative magnetic motors, zero point energy, water-as-fuel, and other new paradigm advances offer keys to a truly sustainable world.

Speaking with Joel Garbon about the various inventions and types of technologies that can come online and eradicate the need for fossil fuels, we bump into many areas of interest as we journey through a conversation, taking in vested interests, personal responsibility, distractions and other life in the cosmos.

Joel highlights that we first must get right with ourselves and learn to draw on the vast resources we have within, the same process that Nikola Tesla engaged with on a daily basis for his genius, also Joel says looking for enemies on the outside is not the way to go, if we are to move ahead consciously as we grow up and mature to meet these challenges.

Taking the energy question as a separate issue is an non-starter, it is one of many issues intertwined, that can only be dealt with as we keep our focus on questions such as, " WHAT IS MY PURPOSE HERE"?. Politics, the Debt based usury economics and education are a few of the facets of this multilayered challenge.

We must begin to see ourselves as stewards of this planet and not mindless consumers, begin to educate ourselves and see the interdependence of all this on the planet.

Joel talks about the "THRIVE" documentary and also about the Norwegian movie "THE DAY BEFORE DISCLOSURE".

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