DR. David M. Jacobs is the guest and UFO/ALIEN ABDUCTION is the topic.

In this show, we speak to David about his work that started in 1973, looking into the phenomenon of alien abductions.

Dr. Jacobs outlines the characteristics and similarities shared by abductees elicited by observation and hypnosis. He does explain that hypnosis is a tricky business and that as much as possible to simply go where the procedure and hypnotee takes you and not the other way around.

Similarities in "authentic" cases seem to be

• missing time

• fully formed scar tissue within a 24 hour period

• fear of being alone, fear of the dark, fear in general

• a feeling of knowing something is happening but not being able to remember.

Many people by the time they get to David, have tried one or more conventional routes to obtain some closure and peace in their lives to no avail, and hypno-regression although cannot stop the abductions seems to give some degree of relief and empowerment.

During their sessions, information is gathered separately and the stories are cross referenced to again check for similarities.

What comes out of the inquiry is fantastical to say the least. There appears to be an on-going program of abductions by aliens of human beings for a reproductive agenda for the aliens, even alien-human hybrids in varying shapes and forms being seen.

I asked David what is the Ultimate agenda, and he said. "that is a very good question, That I have no idea about".

Don't dismiss the idea out of hand just because it's so outlandish, there is something behind this story that certainly warrants further investigation.

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