Nancy Talbott

What is a crop circle? and how do you tell if one is man-made and one is not?

This is exactly what Nancy sets out to explain at the start of the show.

There are certain physical characteristics that have show up in the highly complex formations time and time again, such as expulsion cavities, enlarged or elongated plant stem nodes, variety of effects on the seeds, and bending at the base of the plant instead of mechanical breaks.

Underneath the formations are found unusual soil anomalies that once again paint a perplexing picture.

Many circles are manmade but the ones that have the above characteristics are the interesting ones. Who is designing them and why? How is it done?

Already, the BLT team have been able to take some of the research from over the years on the crop circles, and design and patent technology that can increase the yield of seeds safely, even grow in harsher climates...obviously seed companies were not interested. The technology is available to anyone now, just visit the BLT site and you will find the relevant information there.

What other technologies are waiting to be DISCOVERED in these beautiful designs?

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